Our Story

During a cold winter back in 2011, we started working on what would be our dream house shoe. After many months of designing and manually crafting the first models, Pantuss was born, in Buenos Aires. Argentina, as a result of the perfect combination between comfort, design & aroma. 

It was 2012 when the first product lines started traveling around the country and, very soon, Pantuss were sold throughout the vast Argentinian territory. From the snowy Andes mountains at the South, going up through the stunning glaciers, the vast Patagonia, up until Misiones -signed by it wonderful jungle and Falls- and the North West, with its magnificent natural colors and climate, Pantuss were suited for any climate and season!

Pantuss slippers are manually designed and crafted in Argentina. Our international meticulous team is on top of every step of the manufacturing process making sure that each pair of Pantuss meets the highest standards of quality and comfort. While the soft furry shoes are produced and manufactured in Argentina, our specially designed insoles are handcrafted in America, filled with aromatic Lavender flowers and comfy flax seeds. For Pantuss US, the insoles are filled with flowers and seeds coming from America, while for Pantuss Argentina the Lavender flowers come from the mountain range in Balcarce, Buenos Aires, and the flax seeds come straight from La Pampa, Patagonia Argentina. 

That is why Pantuss are the best slippers ever, because our unique thermo aromatic house shoes not only let us relax according to the laws of comfort, but also, according to the laws of style and superior design! Pantuss stand as a unique design that inspire us to play with our senses while delving into the most pleasant relaxation!

At Pantuss, we believe that such a noble product, highly cherished and welcomed in our country, will be valued and treasured by all who appreciate fine handcrafted products, made with love, for superior relaxation. 

Pantuss house shoes have been part of prestigious international design shows, such as: