slipper cozy color camel
slipper cozy lavender blue
slipper lavender light blue
slipper grey
slipper black cozy
slipper cozy red lavender
slippers cozy warmth lavender
slipper grey with coffe
slipper light blue with  cat
slipper lifestyle pink cozy
Slipper with insoles with lavender
pink slippers with removable insole filled with lavender
Yellow slipper with removable insole filled with lavender
Slipper cozy camel color
slipper cozy warm aqua color
natural slipper aromatherapy
Yellow slipper aroma
slipper pink with special insoles
light pink aromatherapy slipper
best seller slipper natural color
slipper red cozy warm
Aromatherapy slippers


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Select your preferred color and experience a relaxed feeling in the comfort of your own home. These slippers are exceptionally cozy and comforting

These ballerinas feature removable insoles that are filled with seeds and refreshing lavender flowers. By heating insoles for just 30 seconds in the microwave, you can enjoy warm and cozy Pantuss. This makes them perfect for relaxing in front of the TV in the evening.

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Pantuss are handmade. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sofia Saint Genez
I am never taking these off

If I could go to work on these slippers I totally would.
I love them , they are super comfy and extremely soft. I have the Patagonia Style because I walk in them a lot... And I also have the regular one, because they smell amazing and I use them warmed up to watch tv.

Stacey Bernard
Size guide incorrect

The size guide does not match actual shoe sizes. My mom is a 7 and could not get on the one that fit up to 8. I tried (6 1/2) and it also was too small. I don't have one of the pairs to return (mailed across the state) - they also didn't fit the recipient. Can you send me return information?

Brenda Fleming
Rip off

You neglected to tell me that you were mailing the slippers COD! $56.00 in import fees? No thanks! I’ll never order from you again!

Refreshing Pantuss

I totally recommend this innovative way to rest your feet, the smell of the insoles is refreshing and makes your feet comfortable. I totally recommend!

Relaxing moment

warm insoles relax your feet. They are excellent to rest after your work day.