About Us

Our heritage

At the center of every slipper we produce is the essence of Latino craftsmanship, which is deeply ingrained in our Argentine heritage. We manufacture our products in-house, and our meticulous attention to detail is a hallmark of our manufacturing process.

Our brand embodies a slower pace and a meticulous process that is reflective of our values. We are passionate about creating products that are crafted with love and care, with our customer's comfort at the forefront of our minds. We believe in the power of intricate details, and the emotions that they evoke, because a superior product has the ability to positively transform people's lives everywhere.


Pantuss was established in 2012  with a shared passion for crafting handmade slippers. Our designs are carefully made  with your comfort and coziness in mind, ensuring that you have the most relaxing experience possible.


Our values

We are Miami located company that distribute and sale  handmade aromatherapy cozy slippers & accessories. We take care of every detail in the production process doing our work with professionalism, excellence and delivering the best - in class customer service experience. 

Our values of quality, craftsmanship, and deep respect for nature, animals, and people drive everything we do. From the design process to the finished product, each pair of slippers is made so that you love what you wear every day.

We care about the environment and believe we must do our part to protect the natural world. From our products to the packaging in which they are shipped, we strive to use all-natural and renewable materials. We've also made a commitment to donate a portion of every sale to help plant trees through One Tree Planted. By taking these steps we hope to reduce our carbon footprint and build a better world.

Our Brand 

Pantuss slippers were born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a cold winter back in 2012. We designed our products to be a perfect combination of comfort, design, and aroma. Almost instantly, people started buying Pantuss throughout the country. One of the main reasons why our slippers became an instant success nationwide, was because of their comfortable insoles, which can be warmed in the microwave. They're filled with lavender and flax seeds, and these insoles are both comfortable and relaxing, which makes Pantuss slippers enjoyable  to wear year-round in any climate or season.
Our international team is very meticulous about making our slippers meet the highest standards of both quality and comfort, and they pass through several quality control checks between their manufacture in Argentina and the various markets where they're sold. Pantuss slippers are now available across the United States and Canada, and we have participated in several prestigious international design shows such as Accessories the Show, New York Now, Miami Coast, and the Ffany Fashion Show.